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International and Domestic Border Security
Training Equipment

Training equipment used in the interdiction and location of nuclear and contraband materials and used in the RADACAD course are described here.

Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)

The PRD is a small, self-contained gamma-ray detector for use in the interdiction and location of nuclear materials. It was specifically designed to be easily used by government agency personnel and emergency responders.

The PRD is hundreds of times more sensitive than commercially available Geiger-Muller tube type detectors in this size range. The increase in sensitivity is made possible by the use of a miniature photomultiplier tube and solid-state scintillation detector.

The PRD, which is approximately the size of a message pager, is intended to be worn on the belt or carried in a pocket. When x-rays or gamma rays are detected at levels significantly above the natural background, the unit alarms the operator by flashing a high-intensity light and either sounding an audible alarm or triggering a vibrator.

TSA Survey Meter

TSA's hand-held monitors are highly reliable units for the detection of radioactive materials.

The Survey Meter is designed for both indoor and outdoor use but the unit is not water proof.

It has been designed to provide continuous use for 12 to 16 hours between charges. The charge time is only 4 hours.

Each hand-held unit contains one gamma detector and can also be outfitted with one 3He tube for neutron measurement.

ORTEC Detective

The ORTEC is a high-purity Germanium Detector (HPGe) that offers superior isotope identification capabilities as compared to Sodium iodide (NaI) based detectors. It is a rugged instrument that delivers unmatched resolution, efficiency, and temperature stability in almost any weather.

It uses high resolution spectroscopic information for the identification of radioactive materials. The ORTEC uses a 50mm diameter by 30mm deep HPGe crystal to achieve its high resolution.

The ORTEC Detective identifies isotopes from their gamma ray emmissions, it has no neutron detection. It also has a Geiger-Mueller detector in addition to the HPGe detector that allows it to measure gamma dose rates up to 10 mSv/hr, which is 500 times higher than an 8 on the personal radiation detector.


The identiFINDER is a handheld gamma ray spectrometer that uses a sodium iodide (NaI) crystal. It serves as a radioactive identification device (RIID).

A RIID accomplishes its identification by analyzing characteristic energy peaks from gamma radiation and comparing it to a library of stored spectra.

RIIDs enable identification, in may cases, of the type of radioactive material causing the alarm without having to unload and search the conveyance. it can also localize sources and provide gamma dose rates.

Exploranium™ GR-135 Plus

The GR-135 Plus quickly and accurately detects and identifies gamma and neutron sources in the field despite rugged terrain, harsh weather, and other difficult conditions.

It is specially designed to identify special nuclear material (SNM). With its sophisticated analysis techniques, the GR-135 Plus can identify a variety of SNM isotopes despite low levels or masking.

The unit can store thousands of time-stamped readings and users can upload stored data to standard workstations for more detailed analysis.

K910B Buster

The Buster is a contraband detection instrument specifically designed and manufactured for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The device uses gamma-ray backscatter technology, in combination with a cesium iodide scintillation state detector, to locate anomalies concealed behind homogeneous, opaque surfaces. The Buster is referred to as a gamma densitometer.

The operation of the device is controlled by a microprocessor that converts density changes into a signal that presents an audible alarm and displays a number on the liquid crystal display (LCD). The Buster uses a 10-ci Barium 133 radioactive source that has a half-life of 11 years.

The Buster can easily and quickly be used to inspect vehicles entering the country at ports of entry and land border installations.

Fiberoptic Inspection Kit

The fiberoptic inspection kits provide a nondestructive system for surveillance and for detection of contraband materials hidden in areas such as door panels, compartments, and fuel storage tanks. The light source in the handle (or the optional removable light guide) can be used when assisted lighting is required for looking in dark spaces. The handle-light source is removable when external lighting is not needed. As such, the unit is quite well suited for examining accessible by small drilled holes.

The articulated section allows one to see up to 100 degrees from the inserted position. The control levers for this unit allow up/down and right/left maneuvers. There is an optional photo camera C-mount adaptor available for the inspection kit.


International and Domestic Border Security


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