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International and Domestic Border Security Training Curriculum

PNNL's RADACAD Training Program provides instruction for international border-enforcement officials and US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) to detect, identify, and interdict all aspects of smuggling related to the proliferation and diversion of materials, commodities, and components associated with the development and deployment of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their related missile delivery systems.

The curricula for classroom and field training topics address the needs of international and US CBP audiences as outlined below.

Classes may include formal instruction in the following:

  • radiation safety
  • weapons of mass effect (WME) threat
  • nuclear production
  • nuclear smuggling
  • chemical materials
  • biological materials
  • agricultural threat
  • radiation detection
  • delivery systems
  • radiation dispersal devices
  • transportation of radioactive materials

Field exercises may include hands-on instruction in the following:

  • concealment
  • smuggling techniques
  • advanced radiation detector training
  • portal monitor training
  • inspection devices.

International Curriculum

In addition to the above, international curricula includes the following:

  • Country-specific response procedures for radiation alarms
  • Country-specific operational response procedures
At the end of training, participants are able to operate radiation-detection equipment and synthesize operation requirements and response procedures for their specific locations.


International and Domestic Border Security


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